HCDE 498 – Week 5

This week we discussed our final projects even further by getting into small groups based upon our project proposal write up. However, I decided to change my project idea the night before so I was not in a group that had a similar project. Even though this happened, my partner and I were able to discuss and share our ideas and input. My new project idea is for a volume unit display hat. It will sense the amount of noise around it and change its LED light display accordingly. After I get this to work I will experiment further by giving the user different outputs based upon different things. I was thinking I could get a light sensor and make the hat flash to remind the user when to put on more sun screen.


After this, we had a short lecture about wireless technologies we could use with our Arduino projects, for example the XBee. Then Aniket showed us how he wirelessly connected his Arduino to the traffic light in the back of the room.


Then, we had free studio time to start working on our projects. I spent this time writing up a new proposal for my project and then looking up the parts I needed to build it. When I got back home I ordered all the parts. I am excited for all my parts to arrive so that I can start building!

HCDE 498 – Week 5

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