HCDE 498 – Week 4

This week we started class of by having Tyler talk about project that involving physical computing. He was experimenting with fluorescent bacteria and a human’s pulse in making an interactive art piece.


Then we learned about Fritzing, a tool for creating diagrams of the circuits made with Arduino.


After that, we got into small groups and discussed our final project ideas. It was interesting to hear more in depth what some of my classmates’ ideas were and also to expand on my own. We talked about how we were actually going to do our projects, which got me thinking more realistically about my project.

Then we continued to work on our Bike Computer assignment and I was able to get most of it finished. I also soldered the wires attached to the LCD onto pins and used a heat gun to attach plastic covers onto the exposed pieces of wire. The picture below shows my progress. Attached to the Bike Computer were a couple of things:

Magnet sensor – to detect the revolutions of the bike’s wheel

Temperature sensor

Clock – displays the time in real time

Button – to change the display on the LCD

20140716_190413 20140716_192327

HCDE 498 – Week 4

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