HCDE 498 – Week 3

This week we started off by giving one minute presentations on the ideas we had for our final project. My first idea was to experiment with conductive paint and make a control pad to play games on computers. My second idea was to connect my garage opener to my phone so that I could open my garage through my phone and also my family members’ phones.

Then we continued working on the Bike Computer assignment and we also learned how to solder. I practiced soldering on LED lights and then obtained a LCD display which I had to solder parts of it together. I also got a clock, so now that I have all the materials needed for the Bike Computer. I plan to finish this assignment up so that I can test it out during next class.

20140709_185647 20140709_185654 20140709_195820

HCDE 498 – Week 3

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